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"...and so to bed" The Musical


1. The musical has been performed both in large and in small theatres using a minimum of furniture, thus avoiding the costs of large sets and set pieces.


2. If the production is in Ontario, appropriate period costuming can be rented at very reasonable rates by contacting Madonna Decker, Costume Coordinator of the Stratford Festival costume warehouse at:

1 (519) 271-4040 Ext: 4317.

(Out-of-province rentals would be more because of increased shipping costs.)

The delightfully naughty and bawdy musical of 17th Century England

by award–winning writer Gord Carruth 


Come back to London of the 1660s and meet King Charles, the merry Monarch, and his band of merry courtiers:
John Wilmot, the scandalous poet, rogue, and libertine:
Nell Gwynne actress and mistress to the King
Lady Castlemaine, another mistress of  “Good Time Charlie”:
and add to these
Political Plotting, The Plague, the Great Fire of London:

Based on the diary of the young Samuel Pepys (pronounced Peeps)


On 1 January 1660 Samuel Pepys began to keep a diary. He recorded his daily life for almost ten years. The women he pursued, his friends and his dealings are all laid out. His diary reveals his jealousies, insecurities, trivial concerns, and his fractious relationship with his wife and other such salacious accounts. It is an important account of London in the 1660s.

In "and so to bed", Gord Carruth mines the delightfully naughty and bawdy elements from Samuel Pepys' diary to create a musical full of fun, romance and hilarity... a show not to be missed!

“an engaging musical full of both sophisticated humour and bumbling comedy, a beautiful love story, as well as one of the most appealing musical scores you will ever want to hear”
- The Hamilton Spectator



Samuel Pepys, late 20s- early 30s

Elisabeth (Beth) Pepys, mid 20s

Edward Montague, Earl of Sandwich, late 30s


The King’s Cabal

Anthony Ashley Cooper Earl of Shaftesbury: 40s

John Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale:  40s

Thomas Clifford, 1st Baron Clifford of Chudleigh: 40s


George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham: late 40s

Lady Castlemaine: late 20s

Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon 50s

John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: early 20s

King Charles II: mid 30s

Deb Willet 20s

Betty Knipp: 40s

Christopher Knipp: mid 30s

Nell Gwynn: early 20s

Mr. Pembleton: mid 30s

Members of the court of Charles II, Londoners (6-10)




1. Restoration: The Company

2. Congratulations Mr. Pepys: Sam Pepys and Sandwich

3. Sweet Pleasures: Sam Pepys, Deb Willet and Beth Pepys   

4. Ringa Dinga Do: Rochester and Company

5. When Love Was There: Beth Pepys and Sam Pepys

6. We Love to Play at War: Rochester, Sam Pepys, Sandwich

7. No Girl Says “No”: Nell Gwynn, Betty Knipp, Pembleton

8. Dapper Dickey: Sam Pepys, Betty Knipp

9. Who Needs A Man?: Beth Pepys

10. London  Is A Burning: The Company

11. Begin Again: Beth Pepys, Sam Pepys Company




1. One copy of the script.

2. A DVD of excerpts from the musical.



The fee is negotiable depending on the theatre size and number of performances and shall be paid by the theatre to Maple Leaf Theatre Productions for the rights to perform, and for all materials listed above:  cf Production Contract for other terms.


Royalties shall be paid by the theatre to Maple Leaf Theatre Productions at a rate of 10% of the certified gross box office receipts, not including credit card charges, group sales commissions, and all sales tax, goods and services or similar government taxes. :  cf Production Contract for other terms​.


1:       Permission to copy as many scripts as required

2:       Orchestrations on CD (recorded by professional musicians at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario). CDs may be            copied for cast and production staff for rehearsal purposes There is no need to hire an orchestra.

3:       A CD of the songs with orchestration to assist non-readers

4:       Vocal charts

5:       A DVD of the complete musical for reference (not to be duplicated)

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