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"Strange Gods"

A play by Robert Knuckle


A devoted mother, a troubled priest, a couple taking instructions for a mixed marriage are confronted by the perverse power of a dogmatic Catholic pastor. This humorous but provocative drama will make you think about your religious beliefs and ask: what sort of Strange Gods demand that their own creatures believe the unbelievable?


"I loved the Strange Gods script.", Catherine Lawson, the Ottawa Citizen 


"Strange Gods is not for the timid. It's not a condemnation of the Church. It's about what happens anywhere when power gets into the wrong hands.", Gary Smith, the Hamilton Spectator.


Cast of Characters
  • Father John Dorsey: a Catholic priest in his forties

  • Mrs Kathleen O'Brien: St-Judes's parish housekeeper in her late fifties

  • Father Edgar Manning: St. Jude's Catholic pastor in his fifties

  • Father Karl Henshaw: a Catholic priest in his fifties

  • Paula Braxton: a social worker in her early thirties

  • Steven Moretti: a catholic high school teacher and basketball coach in his middle thirties



One copy of the script. (May be be duplicated for cast and production staff.)


Performance Fees


A one-time fee of $450 or $75 for each performance whichever is higher shall be paid by the theatre to Maple Leaf Theatre Productions for the rights to perform, and for all materials listed above:  cf  standard performance contract for other terms.


Royalties shall be paid by the theatre to Maple Leaf Theatre Productions at a rate of 10% of the certified gross box office receipts, not including credit card charges, group sales commissions, and all sales tax, goods and services or similar government taxes. :  cf Production Contract for other terms​.

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