"Yes I Can !" (The story of Michelle Obama)


The story of Michelle Obama. The little black girl who grew up in a small rented upstairs apartment in the southside of Chicago, and who was inspired by the example of hard-working parents to never quit and to always affirm “Yes I Can”.


  • Michelle Obama:  age 27-53

  • Michelle Robinson: at age five

  • Great Aunt Robbie: 60s       

  • Marian Robinson: Michelle’s mother

  • Fraser Robinson: Michelle’s father

  • Michelle Robinson: age 15-17

  • Craig Robinson: Michelle’s brother, at age 17

  • The Guidance Counsellor: at Whitney Young

  • Michelle Robinson: age 17-27

  • Suzanne Alele (Screwsy): Michelle’s friend at Princeton, early 20s

  • Craig Robinson: age 27- 46

  • Barack Obama: Michelle’s husband

  • The waitress: at the Gordon restaurant in Chicago (doubled with guidance counsellor)

  • Valerie Jarrett: Michelle’s friend



Why Can’t I?

- Michelle (at 5years)


It’s All About the Kids Now 

- Fraser & Marian Robinson


You’ve Done It Michelle

- The Robinson Family


My Name Is Robinson

- Michelle (at 17years)


One Black Note

- Michelle (at 18 years)


Two Little Southside Kids

- The Robinson Family


Can This Be That Moment?

- Michelle & Barack


Yes I Can!

- Michelle  (at 40 years)


Let’s Move It?

- Michelle & Family (as First Lady)


First Mother First 

- Barack

It's All About The Kids Now
My Name Is Robinson
Yes I Can
One Black Note



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