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" the time of old age"

A comedy by Gord Carruth



Two elderly gentlemen, a New York Jew and his friend, a World War II veteran, both with little time left to live, unexpectedly come into a fortune. With their new status and the help of a beautiful lawyer they have some fun pulling off a brilliant sting on a bank manager of questionable integrity and morality, all to the benefit of older people. Action takes place in the early 1990s.

“ The highlight of our season. A sold-out success"                             

- Stagecrafters Cincinnati (Sharonville)

Already a box-office winner across Canada and the United States.


Cast of Characters
  • Reuben Ludlow: a Jewish widower living alone, late 60s to early 70s.

  • Mickey Flaherty: Reuben’s friend, late 60s to early 70s, Newfoundlander. WWII veteran with an artificial hand.

  • Isolde Trampler: Reuben’s cleaning lady, German, mid 60s, an accomplished pianist.

  • Tony Manucci: Reuben’s bookie, 40s-50s,  Italian-Canadian.

  • Anna Collins: a lawyer, mid 30s.

  • Clarence Stickley: a bank manager late 30s-early 40s.



1. One copy of the script. (May be be duplicated for cast and production staff.)

2. A CD of incidental music. (An integral part of the script) 

3. A DVD of a community theatre performance of the play for reference. (Not to be duplicated.)




A one-time fee of $450 or $75 for each performance whichever is higher shall be paid by the theatre to Maple Leaf Theatre Productions for the rights to perform, and for all materials listed above:  cf  standard performance contract for other terms.


Royalties shall be paid by the theatre to Maple Leaf Theatre Productions at a rate of 10% of the certified gross box office receipts, not including credit card charges, group sales commissions, and all sales tax, goods and services or similar government taxes. :  cf Production Contract for other terms​.

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