Joey The Musical

Based on the life & times of Newfoundland’s Premier, Joey Smallwood. Sinner or Saint?

The musical traces Smallwood’s career in retrospect from his early days as a young reporter in New York, through his success in creating a union for the underpaid railroad workers, his defeat in his first election in 1932 to his success in convincing Newfoundland to be part of Canada and his long tenure as Premier featuring his successes failures and possible scandals that plagued him.


(many roles may be doubled)

  • Joey Smallwood: at various ages*

  • Clara Smallwood: at various ages*

  • An RCMP Sergeant: male

  • 3 RCMP Officers: male

  • A blues singer: male or female

  • 4-5 Bowery bums: male/female

  • 4 passengers: male/female

  • 3 railway section workers: male

  • Herbert Russell: General Manager Railway

  • Colonel Sullivan: Chairman, Railway Commission

  • Mrs Oates: late forties

  • Mr Oates: late forties

  • Peter Cashin: Politician age 42

  • Ewart Young: a freelance reporter

  • Harold Horwood: 40s

  • Greg Power : 40s

  • Phil Forsey: 40s

  • Anna Templeman (Joey's Secretary): mid forties

  • Ted Russell: a member of cabinet

  • Horwood's Editor: male/female

  • Newfoundlanders: male/female

  • 6 Cabinet Members : male

  • Referendum/Campaign Workers: male/female

*The original production used two actors for the young and older Joey as follows:

- The older Joey in Act One Scenes 1&2 and then in Act Two, Scenes 1, 11 & 14.

- The younger Joey in all other scenes.


Some Say "Sinner"and Some Say "Saint"?

- RCMP Officers


Those Down-And-Out Ragged-Assed Blues

- Bowery Bums


Bring Me Back Newfoundland

- Joey & Company


Joey is Our Man

- Company


We Are the Power

- Peter Cashin&Company


Newfoundland Is Dying

- Joey


The Good Old Bad Old Days

- Joey & Clara


My Confederation Crusade

- Joey & Company

Referendum Rally

- Harold & Company


If You Would Like Us To--- 

- Cabinet

I Will Still Be Here

- Joey

Looking Back

- Joey


And Yet….

- Harold Horwood

Will They Write The Simple Story

- Harold & Company



Newfoundland is Dying
Confederation Crusade

1. One copy of the script.

2. An AUDIO CD of excerpts from the musical.




The fee is negotiable depending on the theatre size and number of performances and shall be paid by the theatre to Maple Leaf Theatre Productions for the rights to perform, and for all materials listed above:  cf Production Contract for other terms.


Royalties shall be paid by the theatre to Maple Leaf Theatre Productions at a rate of 10% of the certified gross box office receipts, not including credit card charges, group sales commissions, and all sales tax, goods and services or similar government taxes. :  cf Production Contract for other terms​.


1:       Permission to copy as many scripts as required

2:       Orchestrations on CD (recorded by professional musicians at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario). CDs may be           copied for cast and production staff for rehearsal purposes There is no need to hire an orchestra.

3:       A CD of the songs with orchestration to assist  non-readers

4:       Vocal charts

5:       A CD of the complete musical for reference.